Create artistic and captivating double exposed photographs with LG EXPOSURE

A highly creative layering app that allows you to blend photographs together using a variety of filters, masking and simple image adjustments. The possibilities are endless giving you the ability to create captivating results and having a lot of fun.

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Close Up Features

A very simple and user-friendly interface that makes it easy to get things done. See more in grids, and details with lists.

  • Easy to use editing

    Non-destructive editing and compositing capabilities by selecting photos by capturing new photographs with your camera or selecting one from your gallery. You can also use shared images from our social network.

  • Filters, Adjustment and Mask Brushing

    Resizable hard & soft brushes and zoom right in for accurately masking of areas. Lots of filters to change the look and feel of the photograph. Use contrast, saturation, brightness and exposure to edit your photo to your liking.

  • Also A Social App

    Use the social part of Exposure by defining a username, then share your creations and see how others use LG Exposure. Connect your Facebook and Twitter account to access your contact list. Change your username or avatar anytime your like.

  • See who is sharing what

    Find photos shared on our network in our Near Me tab that shows everything in a location based frame. Scroll to bottom to increase the radius and see more shared items. You can also search for tags and titles to find out more.


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